Respect for the environment

Environmental impact and component recycling

Environmental impact

Sirius is a responsible company concerned with reducing the ecological footprint. The solution it advocates generates a favorable impact for the protection of the environment.

The lighting solution uses luminaires whose architecture and use of LEDs allow precise lighting and limitation of light pollution.

“Autonomous” lighting fixtures, powered by a battery recharged by a photovoltaic panel, constitute an excellent solution when the electrical network is non-existent or inefficient. But they are more expensive and more fragile, and maintaining them in good condition therefore requires constant monitoring of their operation, to be able to carry out regular maintenance operations and repairs at the right time.

In addition, the programming of LEDs and associated sensors makes it possible to optimize energy expenditure by adapting it to the defined need, and for outdoor lighting promotes better respect for the nightlife of flora and fauna.

Finally, the centralized remote management system allows a rationalization of mechanical and human resources for an increased level of efficiency which also contributes to reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.