What are your issues, your expectations and your challenges?

Sirius the partner of your projects

You manage:

  • A large metropolis, a medium-sized city or a village in Africa
  • A zone of activity, industrial or artisanal
  • A hospital or dispensary
  • A university campus or school
  • A field or sports hall
  • A logistics platform or warehouse
  • An industrial company
  • a parking lot, a taxi rank or a bus station
  • A covered market

You wish:

  • Modernize or expand your lighting fleet
  • Optimize your operating costs
  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Reduce your maintenance costs and the time of breakdowns thanks to knowledge of the state of the network in real time promoting responsiveness and precision of the maintenance actions to be carried out
  • Improve the safety of people and property by lighting at the right time, at the right time place and at the right power
  • Reduce CO2 emissions, preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable development
  • Take advantage of the means used for real-time remote supervision and control of lighting in order to effectively control other objects (traffic lights, waste containers, rainwater drainage, management of parking spaces, etc.)

Huge and immediate benefits : the Sirius solution

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