Our IoT Solutions

Sirius offers to:

  • Provide and install LED lighting, connected to the electricity network or autonomous (powered by a battery recharged by a photovoltaic panel)
  • Control this equipment remotely in real time
  • Maintain the lighting fleet and keep it in good working order for several years

To achieve this objective, materialized by a contract between the client and the Sirius subsidiary established in the country, we will successively:

  • Carry out an audit of existing installations in order to:
    • Make quantified recommendations accompanied by an implementation schedule
    • Choose the most appropriate equipment (power, optics, mast height, distance between masts,
    • Propose lighting scenarios for each day of the year and for each luminaire
  • Organize data storage in secure servers deployed locally
  • Coordinate and synchronize the installation of luminaires in the field and the creation of their digital twins in the supervision platform
  • Set up a supervision and control center and deploy the tools to visualize each piece of equipment on a map, and to know in real time its energy consumption, its operating status, its faults or its breakdowns</ li>
  • Trigger servicing or maintenance operations at the best time to minimize lighting downtime
  • Produce regular reports to allow site managers to know how they are performing